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Parents do have the power to make special education work for their children. We spent 15 years working to obtain an appropriate education for our son, and we came through it with the goal of empowering other parents by sharing the knowledge we gained through our experience so that they don’t have to make the mistakes we made.

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About the Authors

Authors - Carson Graves and Judith Canty Graves

We are parents, not educators, lawyers, or clinicians. We spent 15 years in the special education system trying to obtain an appropriate education for our son. Through trial and error, success and failure, we managed to learn what it takes to navigate the bureaucratic maze and the often hidden agenda of school culture so that our son could receive the education he deserved and by law was entitled to. Our goal is to help other parents achieve similar results for their children.

Carson Graves is the author of two books on photography published by Focal Press. After ten years teaching and writing about photography, he worked in the software industry for companies like Lotus Development, Interleaf, and Nuance, where he worked on Dragon Naturally Speaking, a speech recognition program for personal computers.

Judith Canty Graves is a photojournalist whose images and articles have appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, The Boston Globe, and The Charleston (WV) Gazette. She has also exhibited her photographs in New York City and the greater Boston area.

Jessica Kingsley PublishersTo purchase our book, go to the Jessica Kingsley website. 7% of the proceeds from purchases made through this link go to the Federation for Children with Special Needs.

For a listing of resources that we have found especially useful, take a look at our Special Education Resources page.

Judith Canty Graves and Carson Graves