Our Book

We wrote Parents Have The Power To Make Special Education Work to help parents learn about their child’s rights, navigate the special education bureaucracy, and understand the human fallibility of the public schools. We believe that parents truly do have the power to help their child if they make the effort to become informed about these aspects of special education.

Our book is both a primer to the complex world of special education and a cautionary tale of our journey through relief, cooperation, confusion, betrayal, and finally awakening.  During our 15 years in special education we learned the reality of funding problems, confusing bureaucratic procedures, and a school culture that too often places job security over the needs of the student. We also witnessed parental innocence, ignorance, and heartache. Through our experience, we can offer clear advice and share valuable insights to other parents who need help understanding special education and getting the right services for their child.

We know the problems faced by parents, because we lived the entire experience of special education, keeping detailed notes along the way. Parents frequently don’t have the information and perspective to understand what is happening to their children in special education. Our book can save you years of trial and error. For more details, see the Jessica Kingsley blog: Why We Wrote Our Book.

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. 7% of the proceeds from purchases made through this link go to the Federation for Children with Special Needs.